Tadalafil 5mg

Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil)

Description of Cialis
Cialis is a drug for regulating potency in men. It is used to treat sexual disorders of erectile dysfunction.

How does Cialis work?
The drug increases the blood flow to the penis and as a result causes an erection.

How is Cialis used?
The drug is available in tablets and is taken orally. The course of treatment is prescribed taking into account the sexual activity of a man. If you plan to have sex 2 times a week, Cialis is taken at the same time in a dosage of 5 mg without reference to the diet.

If the patient's sex life is less than 2 times a week, taking pills is done before it. The dose of the drug is 20 mg at a time.

The effectiveness of Cialis
Clinical studies of the drug show that Cialis improves potency and increases the patient's ability to have a normal sexual life.

Studies show that the drug does not work if the patient does not have sexual arousal.

Contraindications to Cialis:

Allergy to the components and composition of the drug;

The patient's age is less than 18 years;

Pathology of the heart;

Optic nerve neuropathy;

Chronic type of insufficiency;

Lactose intolerance;

Side Effects of Cialis:
My head hurts and feels dizzy;

Blood circulation in the brain is disrupted;

There may be fainting;

A migraine appears;

Seizures similar to epilepsy;

Visual impairment;

My eyes and ears hurt;

The heart is disrupted;

Stuffs his nose;

Manifestation of shortness of breath and cough;

Skin and body rash;

Severe sweating;

Sore muscles;

Chest pain;

Interaction of Cialis with other medications

Cialis is not used in conjunction with such drugs:

Nitrates of any origin;


Medications for the treatment of sexual disorders;

Metabolites of CYP3A4;

Medicines containing ethyl alcohol;

Any alcohol;

How to store and transport Cialis?

The medicine is stored in its original packaging in compliance with the recommendations from the instructions. The drug should be kept away from animals and children, and taken according to its intended purpose. Do not overdose and if you experience side effects or a negative reaction from the body, contact your doctor immediately.

The storage temperature of the medicine should be no more than 30 degrees Celsius. Medicines cannot be frozen and in case of accidental freezing, it is no longer used.

Buy medicine from trusted levitra 20mg pharmacies with certificates. Remember that ignoring a doctor's appointment can lead to irreversible consequences.

Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil) manual

Instructions for use of Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil) is inside the package. We kindly ask you to use the medication only strictly according to the instructions or recommendations of the pharmacist, avoid self-medication. You can also request instructions for the use of Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil) we have.

Composition of Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil)

The composition of Cialis preparation (Cialis, tadalafil) includes a combination of basic substances and auxiliary ingredients. If you need to see the composition of Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil) You can find it on the sheet next to the instructions for the medicinal product.


Indications for the use of tadalafil 20mg drug (Cialis, tadalafil) are usually a list of symptoms of diseases for the prevention of which this medicine is prescribed. The full list of indications for Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil) is in the pharmacy of Israel TLV.

Contraindications and overdose

Contraindications Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil) are diseases in which it is not necessary to take the medication. There may also be a negative effect on the body that occurs when taking Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil) in huge volumes. If you forget the symptoms of excessive use, you should consult a doctor.

Side effects

After using Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil) there are undesirable effects, in simple form and in severe form, ranging from fatigue to frustration. When using Cialis drug (Cialis, tadalafil), be sure to review the full list of side effects of your medication.