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The active substance is Tadalafil, 20mg. The drug "Cialis" is the latest remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. A feature of Cialis is its speed (30 minutes) and long-lasting effect (up to 36 hours). In this regard, you can choose the most suitable moment for you for sexual intercourse by taking the drug in advance. You can take Cialis in the morning and be ready even the next day.
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High-quality erection and Cialis help 20 mg
Intimate relationships affect all areas of people's lives. This is an axiom. A person who is satisfied in an intimate way, regardless of gender, is calm, emotionally balanced. But the intense rhythm of life, ecology, bad habits have a detrimental effect on health, help the emergence tadalafil 5mg of sexual disorders. Among the common difficulties of sexual life, erectile dysfunction is distinguished. Overcoming this problem today is not so difficult. Get cialis − a drug that restores a normal erection.

Generic Cialis 20 − we return the natural potency

Facts are a stubborn thing. And if you believe the information that exists today, then every tenth representative of the stronger sex suffers because of difficulties with potency. But statistics also show that problems with erection are successfully treated. The main thing is to pay attention to the kamagra sexual deviations that have arisen in time and find ways to solve an unpleasant situation. But if you keep silent about such a problem, you can eventually lose the main thing – faith in men's strength. It is unlikely that a woman will be delighted because of the constant problems in bed. And over time, this will result in discontent, difficulties in communicating with a loved one.

Cialis tablets in this situation, modern knights will be assisted by generics of Cialis used to treat patients who are faced with the problem of impotence. Millions of men have already tested the miraculous properties of this medicine. The effect of using this drug is superior to the panacea called "Viagra". Genuine tablets are made in the USA. But the price for them is high, and not everyone can buy this medicine. But there is great news: you can buy cialis in Ukraine at an affordable cost.

Our online pharmacy offers to purchase generics - complete analogues of the American medicine. Tablets are created in India, and they are completely identical both in composition and in the action produced. The only difference is the price, which is several times lower than the licensed medicine. The medicine contains the active substance tadalafil, as well as auxiliary components lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, sodium lauryl sulfate, talc, dye. Packed in a blister, tadalafil 5mg 10 tablets, the weight of each tablet is 20 mg. The reverse side of the blister contains information about the manufacturer, the composition of the medicine, the release date, and the expiration date.

How does the drug Cialis work?

The effect of tadalafil tablets is comparable to Viagra. But even though these medicines are designed to solve one problem, there are still differences between them. And the main distinguishing feature is the duration of exposure to the drug, which is 36 hours. Tadalafil is rapidly absorbed, relaxes the smooth muscles of the cavernous body, increasing the throughput of blood vessels. As a result, it increases, and a stable erection persists for a long time. Cialis is not a hormonal drug or an aphrodisiac. Therefore, arousal appears in a natural way, and not through the action of medication.

The peak of the action of cialis is felt 2 hours after taking it. Men have an erection, which is necessary for the normal satisfaction of a partner. Together with your beloved woman, you will feel unforgettable sensations from sex, you will be confident in yourself as a man again, you will return the former joy of sex to your intimate life. The drug Cialis will help you forget about sexual disorders forever.

How to take it correctly?

Photo of Cialisalecare pills can bring not only benefits, but also harm health. To prevent this from happening, carefully study the leaflet from the manufacturer and adhere to the rules of taking the medicine. And the instruction says that:

1) Tablets should be taken orally whole, not chewed and washed down with liquid (water, tea);

2) The drug can be taken regardless of food;

3) The maximum daily dose is not more than one tablet;

4) It is recommended to take the medication 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

When to take Cialis pills 20
The drug Cialis is intended for emergency care for potency disorders, so its use is possible without a specific course of treatment. The tool does not cause dependence.

To obtain a high-quality, safe effect, the reception should be strictly according to the instructions: 1 tablet 40-60 minutes before sex no more than once a day.

Tadalafil refers to effective and safe drugs, which is confirmed by clinical trials. But each person has certain characteristics of the body. Therefore, Cialis tablets can act in different ways. First of all, you should consult your doctor before starting the appointment. As for the dosage, one dose may be enough. Or it may take time for the body to adapt, and a longer period of taking the medication.

Generics of Cialis: what are the side effects, contraindications?
According to the reviews of satisfied men, the medication Cialis (tadalafil) is tolerated by patients normally. But still a side effect may be present. These are headache, dyspeptic phenomena, painful sensations in the eyes, back, dizziness. But usually such phenomena are poorly expressed and do not require medical intervention, because after a while they pass on their own.

You also need to know that generics of Cialis can not be taken:

With hypersensitivity (intolerance) of tadalafil;
Patients undergoing nitrate therapy;
Persons under the age of 18;
With existing heart diseases;
With heart failure, and unstable angina;
In case of an increased risk of pregnancy (leukemia, myeloma, curvature of the penis, Peyronie's disease);
In the presence of functional disorders in the liver, kidneys.
Tadalafil should also be taken cautiously in combination with ketocanazole, ritonavir, erythromycin, etc. And taking antacids can significantly reduce the rate of absorption of cialis.

The drug Cialis 20 is an effective, inexpensive medicine
Like any drug, Cialis has pros and cons. But still, the effectiveness of the drug confirmed by research contributed to an increase in demand for cialis among the male population. First of all, the quick action of these pills captivates. But there are also a lot of other important advantages. These include:

Improved erection;
No effect on the chemical composition of sperm;
Good assimilation by the body and complete absence of addiction;
Safety for a man's childbearing function and the health of an unborn child;
No addiction;
There is no uncontrolled erection.
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